Proxy Vote Online

If you are unable to attend a meeting of the Tobin Creek HOA, you must complete and return the Property Owners Proxy Form below by filling in the form boxes. It is most important that you either personally attend the meeting or utilize this proxy so that the Association can function to conduct business.

By completion of this form you;
Hereby grant a Proxy for purposes as described in the Covenants and Restrictions of the Tobin Creek Homeowner Association, Inc. This Proxy carries with it the intent of the undersigned to be represented at the meeting of members specified herein by the individual specified to whom this Proxy is issued.

THEREFORE, being of sound mind and body, I, the undersigned, do hereby issue the aforementioned Proxy my authorization at the meeting of the Tobin Creek Homeowner Association, Inc. at a date, time, and place to be held per official Meeting Notice or as otherwise stated, noted, or published elsewhere by the Board of Directors, or any continuation meeting thereof, pursuant to the governing documents of the Association and in accordance with Wisconsin Statues.

This is a General Proxy to establish a quorum and the individual named herein may vote on my behalf on any and all issues brought before the meeting. A Proxy may be placed in the name of any member of the Board of Directors or a neighbor you know who will personally attend the meeting. This proxy is valid for 30 days from signature date.

If you do not wish to complete this form electronically; please print, complete, and mail a copy of the form located in the "Printable Forms" section of this website.